As an independent author I get it. Whether you’re trying to clarify your original idea, getting your completed book published, or anything in-between doing it all alone can be tough. I can help out with some of that. Probably. We’re all human, and some of us don’t work well together. I want to make sure we can work together before I start to charge you. Every service I offer starts with a small “free sample” before we agree on a contract. Some of the prices listed here are below the industry average. This is because I’m newer on the scene and working to build my initial client base. I assure you, I will deliver a quality experience at or above the industry average.

Services Offered:

Brainstorming A scene transition. A plot point. A name. Sometimes it feels almost impossible to get past some sticking point. There are writers that agonize for weeks and get maybe a few words down trying to get past a pain point like this. There is a better way. Collaboration. Collaboration doesn’t need to mean another person’s name on your book, it can be a simple phone call to a friend getting the story unstuck. A call to someone who can think in story and understands writing and self-publishing is probably a better idea. I offer my time to focus exclusively on you and your story. We can get on a text chat, voice call, or video call as you prefer. In any case I’ll save the time we spend together and give you a chance to get it. The first session is always free, to see if we can work together. Additional sessions range in price depending on what we are working on and how much prep I need to do ahead of time. A good average to use is $50 for a 30-minute video conference. That assumes a brainstorming session on a stuck story and includes: prep time so I’m ready for our time together, 30 minutes together, and time after to get your recorded session to you. That said, prices vary based on situation so contact me.
eBook Conversion I take your completed docx file and create an eBook in ePub and mobi ready to upload to Amazon, Smashwords, or Draft2Digital for you. Generally this will come out to somewhere between $25 and $50. The price will vary based on the complexity of your manuscript and what you want done with it.

Don’t have a docx? I can work with other formats too, contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Editing I can do anything from an initial scan of your outline to a final proofread of your book. Prices vary greatly based on what we’re doing. Nonfiction generally costs more than fiction, especially if fact-checking is required. The most basic read and edit of fiction is going to be about $5 per 1,500 words. That comes to about $225 for a 65,000 word novel. For this I’ll correct awkward wording, eliminate word echos, correct basic grammar, spelling, and homonym errors, and give a basic review of the story. This isn’t me spending a week with the book going over it multiple times and trying to track down every little thing. It’s also not me hitting “F7” in word and skimming through one time. It’s somewhere in-between.  Contact me for more details.
Print Formatting As an indie author working with indies I specialize in formatting books for Amazon’s CreateSpace. I do interior formatting and will make your book stand out among the sea of indie authors. I’ll put it in a good print font, size the document appropriately, get the front matter in order, standardize the front chapter look, and track down widows and orphans. I don’t do covers, though if you don’t want to deal with it I’m happy to handle it and outsource with a solid provider.
Publishing I can work with you to get your book published in paper or print. I can be as involved or not involved as you would like. I prefer to charge up front for time and let you keep all your royalties. That means I would guide you through self-publishing, not take your book and publish it for you. I could go as far as screen-sharing with you to click on buttons and sitting in on calls and email sessions with providers for cover and interior design if you would like. If you prefer to have me do the work completely on my own I can use your credentials to set things up, recording the sessions and making them available to you. If you don’t have money up front I am willing to look into options for publishing it under a Green Giraffe Publishing LLC imprint and getting a share of royalties from you, but I would prefer not to. It’s hard to put an example price in here because the possibilities are endless. Contact me and we’ll set up an initial conversation.
 Your call I don’t know all the problems you face as an author. If you have a need that isn’t covered here feel free to contact me and see if I can help you out.