A mentor of mine was very good at explaining things to people. He would find something they had in common, and use it to create examples for his explanations. I like to think I learned this from him. When we work together, your success is my success.

Adam Myhr Profile PictureI am a budding author with fewer than ten books in my catalog. I would have more, but I learned about publishing before I wrote the first novel. I aim to hit double digits this year. I also aim to help authors with no books get that first one out, and the second, third, and whatever books after that they want. When I help an author my goal is to teach, allowing them to move forward alone should they choose.

I currently reside halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs in Castle Rock, Colorado. This location allows me easy access to camping along the front range with my family. It also means I’m in the Mountain Time Zone, daylight savings as appropriate. Thanks to the power of the internet, I can work with anyone though. I use Zoom to conference with clients, giving us access to chat, voice, video, and screen sharing.